Floral boudoir scented candle

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"With this scented soy candle botanical boudoir you create your own vibrant style and memory at home.

Wander through a blossoming field full of flowers and pick your favourite ones, with a floral fragrance of jasmin and rose surrounding you. This pleasant scent, in rustic boudoir holder, creates magic in the bedroom. "
colour: Mint green
dimensions: 10,5x10,5x10cm
product length/depth (cm): 10,5
product width (cm): 10,5
product height (cm): 10
product diameter (cm): 10,5
product weight (gr): 1000
material: 50% soy wax, 50% vegetable wax
characteristic: 50 burning hours
product capacity (ML): 420
remark: 2 candle wicks
Differences may appear: Yes

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