Gradient ceramics dinner plate peach

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Ceramic dinner plate in the colour peach from our new gradient series. The plates are all unique due to the handmade finish. They come in four different colours: beige, yellow, green and peach.

Earthy colours in organic shapes, we like it when things do create a vibe. With their speckled surface, curvy shapes and roughed look, the gradient ceramics reflect that sight. It’s almost like we dug ‘m up ourselves and gave each piece a clean and distressed polish. This newest addition to our family of ceramics is available in dinner- and side plate sizes and possesses the perfect mix & match value.
dimensions: 29x29x1,7cm
product length/depth (cm): 29
product width (cm): 29
product height (cm): 22
product diameter (cm): 29
product weight (gr): 960
material: Stoneware
characteristic: Amount of speckles could vary because of the reactive glaze
food safe: Yes
dishwasher proof: Yes
microwave proof: Yes
Differences may appear: Yes

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