MISC 5 years Diary

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With this clever and charming diary, you can record the day's events and remember those of previous years at the same time. It features a separate page for each day of the year, and each page is divided into five sections for you to fill in on the same date over five successive years. You can write about events, musings, or even the weather. And if you don't want to write about anything on some days, that's fine too! After you've used the diary for a full year, you can go back to the first page and read what was happening in your life on the same date a year ago as you make a new entry on the same page. A prologue section at the beginning of the diary gives you space to mark down your thoughts and hopes at the beginning of each year.

Each month starts with a title page embellished with an illustration of a door. The pages of each month are marked by a unique illustration printed on the edge of the page. When the diary is closed, the illustrations act like index tabs, letting you quickly flip to the month you want. A ribbon page marker also lets you keep track of the day you're on.

The diary features smooth, fountain pen friendly paper. The lines of the paper are slightly wavy, giving them a charming hand-drawn look.

The diary's high-quality paper is matched by its delightfully classy binding. With its stylishly embellished cloth-wrapped hard cover, it looks and feels like it belongs in a fancy personal library.

This diary comes in a matching protective cardboard slip case.

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