Charm Earrings silver

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This Gorgoneion stud earring with three dangling chains is a classic "crotalia" style, named after the castanet-like sound it makes as the wearer moves, which was considered alluring and feminine by the ancient Romans. The fearsome Gorgoneion, a protective amulet, is featured on the earring, positioned above three chains that suspend lapis lazuli beads.

Our skilled artisans individually cast and handcraft each piece, ensuring that every earring is one-of-a-kind and possesses its own unique beauty. This Gorgoneion earring is made with certified recycled sterling silver, and is free from nickel and lead, ensuring safety for wear. The face of the Gorgoneion measures 0.9cm in width, and 1.4cm in length (including baubles), while the total length (including chain) is 4cm.

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