Elliot Patchwork leftover denim jacket

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  • Full length: 70 cm  
  • Chest: 162 cm  

Elliot Patchwork Leftover Denim Jacket is a loose fit patchwork jacket made from leftover denim. The jacket has voluminous pockets at front and is fully lined with navy cotton lining. All edges are nicely covered with matching cotton bindings.

This denim item is made from leftover denim materials. By cutting all the different leftover denim materials into small patches we are making unique patchwork patterns of all the leftover shades of blue denim. The placement of the leftover denim colors vary from item to item and the color mix will be unique in each patchwork pattern.

This item is made in a leftover fabric. One way is to use leftover fabrics found at our supplier’s stockrooms, also called “deadstock fabrics.” As part of our values, we cherish the idea of using existing leftover fabrics instead of producing new materials. Our styles made in the leftover fabrics will always be ‘limited edition’, due to the limited fabric amount that is left.


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